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Congratulations on signing the contract with CITIC Sea Direct Aviation Maintenance Engineering Company for pure water system.
Time:2017-09-12 Author:

Congratulations to Shenzhen Pure Water No. 1 Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. for signing the contract with Citic Sea Direct aviation Maintenance Engineering Company pure water system!

CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd., a listed company under CITIC Group, is a subsidiary of CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd. As the production and processing water of aviation components, the quality of water quality will be related to the precision of components to a certain extent, and the precision of components will be related to the safety of aviation components. Therefore, the quality produced by pure water equipment is very important. Shenzhen Pure water No.1 water treatment Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in ultra-pure water treatment and pure water treatment for more than ten years, and has incomparable advantages in the field of industrial ultra-pure water and pure water. It is precisely because of this advantage that Citic Sea Direct Aviation Maintenance Engineering Company has entrusted the pure water system project to Pure Water No. 1.

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